In a new era of ninja have come out from the last age of war. Now with new legends being born it is up to the next generation to defend the peace
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Thu May 05, 2011 5:19 am by Soviet Jesus

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 Limited and Forbidden Jutsu

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PostSubject: Limited and Forbidden Jutsu   Thu May 05, 2011 3:20 pm

This will be a list of jutsu that require points to learn, these jutsu will be limited but once learned can be taught to others. This is to stop spamming of people all having this jutsu that were created during the manga or anime series. You will only be able to use the jutsu's base form, variations must be obtained IC-wise. More will be added when found or if necessary. It takes half the amount of words to teach.
All this must be done in either a training or battling post.
Limit 4 jutsus per character, 5th takes twice as much and must be the longest jutsu.

Name - Points Required - Amount used/Max Amount allowed

Kishou Tensi - One's Life Ressurrection - chiyo's technique (one time use, will not be used on one of YOUR own characters) Jounin + Rank - 3000 words - 0/3

Hitokugutsu - Human Puppet (must have the ability to use puppets, must have medical skills) - 4,000 words - 0/3

Infuuin • Kai - Secret Mark Seal • Release // Souzou Saisei (Creation Rebirth) - (Must have medical background Limit on use is twice per thread) Jounin + rank - 3,500 words - 0/3

Inyu Shometsu - Secret Healing Injury Destruction (Must have medical background) - 3,000 words - 0/3

Nan Kaizou - Soften Modification - 2,000 words - 0/10

Chidori Modifications - Requires Lightning Affinity amd Jounin+ Rank - 3,000 per mod - 0/3

Rasengan Mods-Jounin+ rank needed - 3,000 per mod - 0/4

Lightning Release Armor - Requires Lightning Affinity-Jounin+ Rank - 5,000 words - 0/3

Tsunade's Strength Control-Chuunin+ Rank - 2,000 words - 0/5

Body Shedding-Jounin+ Rank - 3,500 words - 0/4

Tajuu Kage Bunshin (Requires Kage Bunshin)-Must be Jounin+ Rank - 2,000 words - 0/5

Hachimon(Eight Celestial Gates)-Requires to be Taijutsu expert and Jounin+ Rank - 1,500 for the first 4 per gate, 2,500 for the next two per gate, 4,500 for the next two together -0/5 Taijutsu Specialists only

Chakra Manipulation: Chakra Sensory- Rank - 1,800 words - 0/8

Doujutsu Implantation-Must be done at a hospital and must be Jounin+ Rank - 4,000 words- 0/3
The ability to use a Jutsu classed as forbidden. After kill an PC opponent with a special Doujutsu you will be able to implant it into yourself or another.

Edo Tensei - Impure World Resurrection Must be SP Jounin+ Rank -2,000 for C/D Rank corpse, 3,000 for B rank, 4,000 for A rank, 5,000 for S rank - 0/3 You will not use a Space time jutsu to collect the needed items.

Space/Time Jutsu-Jounin+ Rank - 5,000 words - 0/3
Very high leveled almost OP Jutsu the defy the rules of time and space. Obviously the restrictions and drawbacks will be added to these jutsu to ensure no Godmodding.

Rinnegan- Don't ask for it

The mods will tell you if a jutsu is forbidden on your app, but heres a list of most of them

Reaper Death Seal! &

Chimera Technique

Kiss of Death:

Character Bind Technique

Orochimaru's Body Switch

Dead Soul Technique

Other things that are Over powered:

Time Manipulation of any sort

Body switching of any sort

Sound Genjutsus

Gravity Manipulation (other than the path)

Immortality (other than the Jashin Clan Members)

Anything that multiplies any of the user's attributes more than 2x

Forbidden for anyone to use
Rinningan (sp)
Yin - yang chakra
Yin chakra
Yang chakra

Severely limited (1 - 3 can learn this upon completion of a special mission)
Water release rasengan
Lightning release rasengan
Fire release rasengan
Wind release rasengan
Wind Release: Rasenshuriken
Earth release rasengan
Sage mode
Flying Thunder God Technique

Limited (3 - 5 people allowed to learn upon completion of a special mission)
Imperfect sage mode
Sage Mode Related Techniques

((more will be added, as the series progresses.))
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Limited and Forbidden Jutsu
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