In a new era of ninja have come out from the last age of war. Now with new legends being born it is up to the next generation to defend the peace
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 Utaku Uchiha

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Soviet Jesus

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PostSubject: Utaku Uchiha   Thu May 05, 2011 4:51 am

[ Character Information ]

Name: Utaku Uchiha
Title: Red eyed Shadow
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthday: [9] [24]
Bloodtype: B
Height: 5'9'’ Feet, Weight: 130 lbs.

Appearance: Utaku has odd bright green hair, that is cut short and covered mostly by his headban which covers the whole top of his skull. He is dressed in tight black clothing aside from his flak jacket which is also colored black. He wears a gas mask over his mouth to protect himself from poisons, and has two black tattoos that surround his eyes.

Personality: The jounin Uchiha is ultimately a caring person who would do anything for his village, and sudders at the thought of attempting to get a Mangekyou Sharingan. He often jokes around with his peers, and superiors pulling pranks or just generally causing mischief. Around those of a lower rank than him however he is extremely strict.
Utaku is a real hands on guy and prefers to be along for the more dangerous missions to make sure things dont go bad.The jounin spends his free time divulging in alcohol, and other substances while playing cards or board games.

Likes: Cards, Missions, Protecting the village, Teaching
Dislikes: Bugs, Bright Lights, Threats to the Village
Favorite Food: Cherry Pie
Favorite Phrase: "Frankly, you can kiss my ass"
Hobbies: Play cards, drink, smoke, train.

History: Growing up Utaku was the only child in his family, he grew up with his parents in the Village Hidden in the Leaf. It was here that he trained along with his jounin parents at a young age. They taught him the basics of Earth jutsu.
When he turned seven he entered the academy learning of his famous brother's records, and vowing to catch up with them. While he did succeed it he hardly did so, however this still gave him the necessary confidence boost to become as strong as he is today.

As he became a genin one mission really struck out to him, this was one where he unlocked his first tomoe of the sharingan. His fellow genin was ripped apart when his jounin betrayed the village and killed his student. The horror of it unlocked the necessary power to help him win the fight.
He ducked the first lightning fisted jap of his sensei and popped up at his jaw with his left first while he had iron knuckles on. The blow destroyed the knuckles and the man's face, killing him instantly. He and his fellow genin ran back to the village to tell the story.

His chunin exams were rather easy thanks to his eyes, he made it to win the championship and was immediately promoted to chunin. That was when he lead his first mission, the one where he unlocked both his lightning and his second tomoe.
Utaku was sent along with three other chunin to stop a rouge ninja from another country, when they got there they soon found themselves overwhelmed.Within the first seconds the first chunin was killed, and Utaku unlocked his lightning affinity. With his new powerful jutsu that he learned he fought with the other chunin and pushed the man back for a time before he killed the last two chunin. Utaku unlocked his second tomoe and won the fight.

After this fight he became promoted, and trained for his water affinity.

Dreams/Goals: To die a happy man

[ Combat Information ]

Rank: Jounin
Village: Konohana
Element/s: Earth, Lightning, Water

[ Completed Missions ]
Can be added as they complete them.
D-Rank: 52
C-Rank: 37
B-Rank: 124
A-Rank: 73
S-Rank: 12

Combat Strengths: His reaction time is uncany
Combat Weaknesses: he cannot fight anything relating to bugs(ex: Shino's clan, 7 Tails)

Additional combat information we should be aware of:

[Inventory Information]


[Jutsu Information]
The starting jutsu for each rank:
Genin (C-Rank) = 15 Canon Jutsu, Custom Jutsu, Clan Jutsu: Max 7 C-rank, 1 B rank
Chunin (B-rank) = 25 Canon Jutsu, Custom Jutsu and Clan jutsu: Max 10 B-rank and 5 A rank
Jonin (A-rank) = 45 Canon Jutsu., Custom Jutsu, Clan Jutsu: Max 18 A rank and 2 S-rank
Anbu (A-rank) = 55 Canon Jutsu, Custom Jutsu, Clan Justu: Max 25 A rank and 4 S-rank
Kage/Sennin (S rank) = 70 Canon Jutsu, Custom Jutsu, Clan Jutsu: Max 10 S-rank
Jutsu Name:
Element: Element that the jutsu requires.
Rank: The rank of the jutsu.
Type: Hidden Ninjutsu/Taijutsu/Genjutsu,Kekkei Genkai,Medical,Ninjutsu/Taijutsu/Genjutsu.
Description: Description of what it does and how it affects the user.

[ Ninjutsu ]


[ Genjutsu ]


[ Taijutsu ]


[ Personal Jutsu ]


(personal techniques your character has developed; remove section if not applicable)

[ Bloodline/Clan Info ]

Bloodline/Clan Description: See Uchiha

Bloodline/Clan Jutsus: Added in

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Sen Uzumaki
Sen Uzumaki

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PostSubject: Re: Utaku Uchiha   Thu May 05, 2011 5:38 pm

some of you ninjutsu techniques use a different template. Please use that template.
you will need another paragraph or a picture in your appearance.

that is the only thing I noticed so far.

Sen Uzumaki
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Soviet Jesus

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PostSubject: Re: Utaku Uchiha   Thu May 05, 2011 11:42 pm

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Kigi Hozuki

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PostSubject: Re: Utaku Uchiha   Fri May 06, 2011 12:08 am

approvifidabled, less anyone else has something to say about it.
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PostSubject: Re: Utaku Uchiha   

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Utaku Uchiha
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