In a new era of ninja have come out from the last age of war. Now with new legends being born it is up to the next generation to defend the peace
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 forbidden techniques

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Sen Uzumaki
Sen Uzumaki

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PostSubject: forbidden techniques   Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:16 am

Note that some of the techniques listed here are allowed, but only upon completing special missions. Some only a certain number of people can learn and use. The list may change over time, as the rp plot advances forward.

Forbidden for anyone to use
Rinningan (sp)
Yin - yang chakra
Yin chakra
Yang chakra
Edo tensei

Severely limited (1 - 3 can learn this upon completion of a special mission)
Water release rasengan
Lightning release rasengan
Fire release rasengan
Wind release rasengan
Wind Release: Rasenshuriken
Earth release rasengan
Sage mode
Flying Thunder God Technique

Limited (3 - 5 people allowed to learn upon completion of a special mission)
Chidori variations
Rasengan variations
Imperfect sage mode
Sage Mode Related Techniques

((more will be added, as the series progresses.))

Sen Uzumaki
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forbidden techniques
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