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PostSubject: Akimichi Clan   Akimichi Clan EmptyTue Apr 19, 2011 2:05 am

Name: Akimichi Clan
Village of origin: Leaf Village
Current village: Leaf Village
Clan symbol: Akimichi Clan 378368-196123-akimichi-clan_large
Elements: none
Bloodline limit: none
They specialize in using their weight. Along with using Calorie Control technique to turn their stored fat into chakra. Their main specialty is the multi-form technique.
Famous clan members: none

Clan history:The Akimichi clan (秋道一族, Akimichi Ichizoku) is one of the four noble clans of Konoha. It has had fifteen family heads. Members of the clan are able to quickly convert calories into chakra, which they then use in their hiden ninjutsu, Multi-Size Technique and its various related body enlargement techniques. Most of these techniques are known to rapidly consume the user's chakra upon activation, and maintaining them during a prolonged battle can be tiring, which is probably why the Akimichi are prone to eating a lot in order to constantly replenish their chakra reserves. The members of these clans also use bō. From what is seen of their usage they have the ability to lengthen in proportion to their wielder's size.

As a tribute, members of the clan wear the kanji for "food" (食, shoku) on the their clothing. If standard calories aren't enough for a battle, Akimichi can use the clan's Three Coloured Pills to convert excess fat into chakra, at the cost of one's health.

The Akimichi clan has a special relationship with the Nara clan and Yamanaka clan. For generations, members of these three families have formed an "Ino-Shika-Chō trio", named after the first part of the names of the members. The Akimichi members are the "Chō" in the trio. To strengthen the unity between the three clans, a member of the Sarutobi clan will give them special earrings to present to each generation when they swear their oaths. The earrings also symbolize that they are considered adults by their respective clans.
Clan jutsu:
Name: Ballistic Waterwheel
Rank: C-rank
Type: Taijutsu
Element: None
Description: After the user swallows a great amount of water to make themselves into a human-sized ball, they tuck their limbs inside their clothes and use chakra to propel themselves into a powerful roll. The added water gives the user extra weight, causing more damage to the opponent and area. This is an excellent technique to use against Water Release users as it not only nullifies their attack but also turns it against them.

Name: Double Human Bullet Tank
Rank: B-rank
Type: Taijutsu
Element: none
Description: Two users attack from both sides of an opponent with the Human Bullet Tank, crushing and grinding the enemy caught in the middle.

Name: Human Bullet Tank
Rank: C-rank
Type: Taijutsu
Element: None
Description: After the user uses Multi-Size Technique to make themselves into a human-sized ball, they tuck their limbs inside their clothes and use chakra to propel themselves into a powerful, but slow, roll. It is difficult for the user to turn in this form. This technique also plugs up the user's ears.

Name:Multi-Size Technique
Rank: C - rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: none
Description: This is a secret jutsu passed down in the Akimichi clan that increases the user's body size by using up the user's food energy, converting calories into chakra. Akimichi clan members tend to eat fattening foods and have large physiques in order to support this technique. When Chōji Akimichi uses this jutsu in Part I, it gives him a very round appearance. When he uses it in Part II it increases his size, similar to the Super Multi-Size Technique.

Name:Super Multi-Size Technique
Rank: B -rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: none
Description: The Super Multi-Size Technique is basically a larger version of the normal Multi-Size Technique, but unlike the original which seemed to only expand the torso, the user's limbs and torso seem to stay in regular proportion to one another, basically giving the user gigantic proportions. The clothes of the user also expand along with the body. When Chōji uses this jutsu in Part I, he must first take his clan's Three Coloured Pills to increase his chakra reserves.

Name: Spiked Human Bullet Tank
Rank: C-rank
Element: none
Description:With its effectiveness raised several times by using it together with weapons, this technique is an enhanced version of the Akimichi clan's Human Bullet Tank.
One application of this technique first involves the user wrapping ropes with kunai attached around their body, after which the Multi-Size Technique is used. From that state, one switches over to the Human Bullet Tank. Using the kunai as spikes, the rotation power increases, and the attack power also drastically goes up.

Name:Partial Multi-Size Technique
Rank: B-rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: none
Description: ike the standard Multi-Size Technique, this jutsu expands the body, but expands parts of the body as opposed to just the stomach. Skilled clan members can alter the size of their body to a large scale with little trouble. Those with lesser skills can use the Three Coloured Pills to do the same. With the larger body parts, the user's strength increases

Name: Mega Palm Thrust
Rank: B-rank
Type: Taijutsu
Element: None
Description: After using the Multi-Size Technique to increase their size, the user funnels chakra into their hands. The weight and power of the hands are greatly increased because of the larger size, the muscles are activated with concentrated chakra, and the thickness has also increased. With so much chakra that it becomes visible, the user's palms become like an iron hammer. This gives this attack the power to even cave in the earth, causing extensive crushing damage to anything that may be caught beneath them. This attack is also shown to have a wide range due to the increased size of his palms.

Name: Butterfly Bullet Bombing
Rank: B-rank
Element: none
Description:This is a life threatening technique if used in combination with the red Akimichi food pill, which burns away all of a ninja's excess fat and converts it into chakra. Because the members of the Akimichi clan tend to be overweight to support their jutsu, this pill can give them 100 times their normal chakra level. The intensely concentrated chakra that is gained leaks out from the backbone and becomes visible through friction with the shoulder blade, appearing like a butterfly wing. The user then concentrates the unique chakra into their fist, and then puts all their body weight behind the punch. The massive amount of chakra concentrated is enough to change the user's body structure, and the user will die unless given medical attention as described in the Nara clan's medicine book soon after.
Should an Akimichi be able to use the Calorie Control, they can bypass the danger posed by the pills.

Name: Calorie Control
Rank: A-rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Description: This technique allows the members of the Akimichi clan to freely control their calories in their body to perform their clan's jutsu. The Akimichi developed the Three Coloured Pills for easier use of this technique, however the pills have devastating effects. These effects are not seen when the user performs the technique without the assistance of the pills. At the highest level of the technique, the user converts their calories into chakra and releases it externally from their back. The chakra then takes the shape of butterfly wings.

Name: Formation Ino-Shika-Chō
Rank: C - A Rank
Type: Ninjutsu and Taijutsu
Description:Formation Ino-Shika-Chō is a formation used by the members of the Yamanaka, Nara, and Akimichi clans. It is designed to bind the opponent, with the clans respective secret techniques. An Akimichi will provide a distraction by attacking the opponent, generally with Human Bullet Tank. The distraction will allow a Nara to bind the opponent with their shadow. Then the Yamanaka will be free to use the Mind Body Switch Technique to control one of the opponents, with out fear of it missing.

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Akimichi Clan
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