In a new era of ninja have come out from the last age of war. Now with new legends being born it is up to the next generation to defend the peace
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PostSubject: Power of the third   Power of the third EmptyFri May 06, 2011 1:35 am

Aki walked into the dense forest area. As his mind was clear on what he was planning on doing here. He had gotten pretty fair in his life with only having one tomae mastered. But he knew that he would not be able to achieve his goals with just having one tomae activated. His mind trailed off a bit as he thought about him being the leader of the akatsuki organization. Being there leader meant a lot to him and to his dreams. Even though they knew he was a power uchiha, they never once saw this dojutsu activated which made them question if he even had it.
Even though he truly didn’t need its power, but just to have it would make his status as leader official. It was mid-afternoon but in this dense forest his almost seem like it was mid-night. A few rays of sunlight came threw the dense forest to give a little bit of light. Aki walked to the center of the training area and say down with his leg crossed over each other. He looked around a bit seeing kunai’s and other ninja weapons lodged in the trees and some into straw puppets that look like a small kid.
Aki closed his eye’s and let his mind wonder off for a little. He knew that his form of training would not help him get the level he truly wanted. But it would get him to the next level he needed to get to. Aki did a few hand signs as he took in a deep breath. “Fire style: Fire ball jutus” Aki said as he now place his hand over his mouth a bit a exhale a medium size fire ball towards to the untrained eye was nothing. But as soon as it got near the water. A stream of water came and met it canceling both jutus out. Aki smiled as the figure came into the light. It was an exact copy of the aki. The clone smiled as it pulled out two kunai as it activated its one tomae sharingon. Aki rose to his feet as he to activated his sharingon as well. He reached into his pouch and pulled out two kunai as well.
For a brief second they both vanished appearing on top of the water as a loud “cling” sound was heard as metal hit metal. They both stood there trying to force the other back. But due to the fact that they were the one and the same. They couldn’t move each other. Aki pushed harder with his right forcing the clone to do the same, As he pulled back his right hand flipping to the side trying to land a round house kick to the clone’s face. But the clone as if he knew the attack was coming ducked under it and came with his own kick to aki chest sending him back a bit. Aki use one hand to flip up and then roll to the side as the clone threw one of his kunai aiming for Aki back. Aki looked up seeing that the clone was still in mid air. Aki threw one of his kunai at the clone vanishing as he did so.
As the clone use the kunai he still had in his hand to block the kunai aki threw at him. Aki appeared next to the clone coming down with a hard kick to his face sending him flying down into the lake. Aki now falling back down to the ground scanned the lake trying to find the clone. But to no avail it seem like that attack even though it was kind of weak was enough to take out the clone. Aki smiled as he landed with his back turned to the lake. As soon as his feet touch the ground he was hit was a jet- stream of water sending him flying into a near by tree. As the tree buckled and caved in from the force of the impact.
AS the tree fell forward aki stood up slowly looking over towards the lake as the clone had re-appeared standing on the water with his arm crossed. “ Impossible there’s no way he could have done that with out me sensing him”. Aki thought to himself as he watched the clone as it had thi attitude like he was better then aki. This enraged aki as his eye’s widen as the clone vanished and appeared kneeing him in the gut. Followed by elbowing him in the neck sending him to the ground hard. The clone now stood over aki started to laugh a bit as he did some quick hand signs as he took in a deep breath. Aki laid there for a second knowing what was going to happen next.” Fire style: Fire ball jutsu” the clone stated as he jumped in the exhaling the fire ball jutsu. Aki smiled as he knew he had enough time to dodge the attack. He waited for the attack to get close enough that the clone wouldn’t see him anymore. As he vanished and appeared in the air behind the clone doing some quick hand signs. As a small ball of lightning appeared in his hand as he laughed it at the clone smacking him dead in the back as a puff opf smoke appeared. Aki thought that was the end of the fight as the smoke slowly started to clear as a small burnt leaf appeared falling to the ground as aki eye’s once again widen. He was kick in the side of his face. Sending him flying down to the ground fast. As his clone was falling right behind him going to finish him off with another taijutsu move.
Aki looked down to see the clone following as everything seem to start to slow down. He looked up to see the ground coming at him. He didn’t know what was going on as he did some hand seals as he took a deep breath letting charka run into his mouth as it deformed into water and he exhaled it fire a purely concentrated jet steam of water at the ground slowing him down right before shooting him past his clone. His clone eyes wided as he faded from site. The clone try to scanned the area to find him. As he appeared about 6 meters away from him doing some more quick head seals as his body started to crackle with lightning. He smiled at the clone “ Farewell… Lightning style banquet of lightning jutus” He yelled as he slammed his hands to the ground as lightning shot threw the ground then splitting into multiple tendrils as the clone now had no where to go as he fell almost helplessly into the lightning area. As a puff of smoke appeared as the body hit the lightning. Aki knew this time that the clone was defeated.
Aki sat down again closing his eyes as he felt that he had unlocked a new level of his bloodline ability. But he knew it still wasn’t the one he needed to prove his self. As he begain to mediate to regain his chraka so he can do his training again. In hopes of unlocking the power he really wanted.

1215 words training for unmastered 2 tomae
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Power of the third
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