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Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader??? DBZ


 Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader???

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Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader??? Empty
PostSubject: Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader???   Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader??? EmptyThu May 05, 2011 9:51 pm

[ Character Information ]

Name:Aki Uchiha
Title: Grim Reaper Aka Fallen One
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Bloodtype: A
Height: 6'0, 180 lbs

Appearance:Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader??? SasuIta
He wears an all black skin tight leather pants, with a black leather jacket with no sleeves with the uchiha patch right in the center of his chest where the zipper ends.. Born with dark green hair pretty much unheard of within the uchiha clan the there nartually jet black hair which was also spiked up in his own personnel design.

He also added tattoos on his body from his running from his elbow to the upper right side of his neck, arcoss his chest ending at the size of his waist. With black strings running up both of his arms. Attach to his gloves which are fingerless. His left arm has a fingerless glove, with a white glove like cloak, running from his wrist to his elbow. He had pale skin with the trade part black eyes. With the leaf village head band wrapped around his right arm.

He also worn a long jet black jacket that went all the way down to his ankle, with the jacket arms covering his hands as well, it also had a hooded attachment that he barely wore because he usually had a large straw hat{Same as the ones use by ataksui in the show} on hiding his face from view.

Personality:His mood was pretty relax outside of the battle field. He is very laid back, with a carefree attuitude about him. He tried to be isocated from people but had a very hard time with that because of his hair and the fact that he was very good looking. But when he could he would keep to himself, he didn't get invovled in conflict unless ordered or had no other choice. War was something he had mix feelings about, but regardless of the fact he was very loyal, to who is still unknown.

Once he was in battle everything changed, he was more directed and very commmanding, which inspired loyalty to whoever was on his side, and fear to his enemy. He was a very proud man of both his uchiha bloodline and his uchiha brothers and sisters.

Likes: Relaxing under a tree, people who are as strong as him, that has the same passion for what he wants, Battling, defending what he believes in.
Dislikes: People who go against him, people who don't believe in his dream, people who do not have a passion for fighting and even killing for what they believe in. Weaklings.
Favorite Food: ant kind of ramen.
Favorite Phrase:" Only in your death will you see my dream" or " Your dream will help farther me in my dream"

History: Academy Arc: Being and Uchiha for Aki ment coming into the academy at age 5 being expeacted to excel in everything put in his path. Something Aki was all to familiar with. Even before coming into the academy he knew a few of the basic jutus, Thanks to his father's pushing and training before his academy day's. So while in the academy he took to everything with rather ease. Being called the genuis of his genaration. Aki took this to heart.

Even though there were other Uchiha in his class. None could hold a candle to Aki skill in all three jutus fields. Wich made other kids even wonder if he was human. Normally a kid like Aki who was gifted with skills like him would be picked at or tease for being so gifted. But because of his unnormal green hair and his out don't care attutude towards his fellow class, he became insanely popular with the ladies, and was envity by his male class, all in which he didn't care tomuch about.

Aki took to his sensei very quickly believe he was a very powerful man and one day wanted to become even more powerful them him. A feat that did not take him to long to surpass. After all his classes he would go home to his father almost brutal training methods. His father felt as though being the best you have to plan for the best. Aki Father was the strongest Uchiha in the village his skills couldn't be matched by anyone. His father Eyes are something he had never seen before hes seen alot of Uchiha eyes before. But nothing like his father. He wants to be as strong or even stronger then his father.

" Only if you can get these eyes will you be strong enough to be a leader". Though were always his father's words to him. They burnt into his mind, as if a dna trait u just cant get rid of. Aki would start with the clan jutus first before he worked on any adcademy jutus. He felt as thiough the clan jutus were more important to him then learning though basic jutus. He worked night and day on his clan jutus. He realize they were harder to master then the academy jutus, something he enjoyed so much, letting him know that his clan jutus would help him surpass all his academy fellows.

Aki knew even though he was popular with the students. They were just his stepping stone, to something that would be even greater. His sensei quickly drew to him as he did to his sensei. The lessons and days seem to go by quickly as his day's at the academy seem to drew to in end. His father was of course proud of him and at everything he came to learn and take in so quickly. His sensei was just as surprised because he realize Aki was gifted beyond anything he had every seen before. Maybe just maybe he would even surprise HIM.

Genin Arc: Graduating from the academy was a great feeling of accomplishment. He knew this was just the beginning oh his shinobi life. His mother and his younger sister were front row. His father and brother were of cvourse not there. Due to the fact that they both were on there own respectble missions. They had inform him ahead of time that they weren't going to be there. Lucky for him they weren't because they can be a little over bearing.

Aki jumped around with joy with his mother and sister when he got his leaf ninja head band. This to him let him know that he was a true shinobi like his mother, father, and brother. His mother was a little worried about him being a shinobi. She knew the danger that head band came with. She looked over here a little while while he was playing with his head band with his sister. She could only smile. She knew this day would come, but it felt like it came sooner then she had hope.

It didn't take themlong to a sign him to a ninja squad. His team members were a hyuga that didn't seem all that great to me. Even though he is suppose to be the shining light of the hyuga main branch. Unlike most hyuga who wore there head band wrap around there forhead. He wore his either on his leg or his arm near his shoulder. He thought it was odd but lost interest in the thought quickly. The Female who had graduated second in the class. Right under him seem more promising her skills and knowledge in the medical arts were amazing he knew she would be of some use.

His sensei Hoje- sama was consider one of the most elite shiniobi in the village. He knew having him as a sensei would be a great thing. Due to the fact he could learn alot from him. Not only that he could probably steal a few of his sensei jutsu. At first Hoje- sama didn't seem all that amazing. But after the first mission that thought quickly went away. His skills on the battle field were like nothing senjin had ever seen. But then again this was his first time being on a real mission or in a real battle.

There mission came and went pretty quickly. Some were easy, othere were a trip to hell and back. Aki didn't mind though he love the challenge and he realize so did the hyuga. Senjin and the hyuga boy became very bitter rivals. Always trying to best each other in mission. It had got to the point that they would even fight against each other to see who was better. Even though the hyuga eye sight and ablity to see charka points were amazing, his hand to hand combat was as good as any ones. But still wasn't a match for senjin. But it did help the hyuga get better, and the hyuga didn't know it at first but he help Aki find weak spots in his attacks defense and all around jutus. Which senjin was very please with. Hoje- sama had requested that they take part in the chuunin exam after one year of being genin. Normally ninja that didn't have two years of genin training were barred from taking the test. But the hokage knew they were ready and approved them for it.

Chuunin Arc: The Chuunin exam came and left so quickly. To his own surprise his team mates past the exams. He felt as though it was in part of him that they made it as far as they did. Now as a chuunin he can leave this three cell team with a jounin sensei to an anbu squad. But he knew this would take time and he would have to prove his self to the hokage and the anbu capatin's. He readied his self for his meeting with the hokage to talk about his interested in becoming an anbu member.

As the day came for him to meet up with the hokage. He walked into the hokage office with a smile on his face, As the hokage sat behind his big desk with his hat tilted up alittle more then normal covering his face from few. Aki stood there ready as the hokage was reading over what he believed was his profile. From the time he was at the academy to now. " Interesting" said the hokage as he placed his folder down and now looked up at senjin. As his purple eye's seem to pirece threw to senjin souls. He froze for a moment as the hokae walked over towards him.

" Your profile is quite something Uchiha, you graduated top of your class at the academy. have heard nothing but good things from you when you came out. PLacing you with Hoje-sama coming out. It also seems like your team has done over 50 missions in its time being together before the chuunin exam.Most of them above your rank including 2 level S mission. Where from what Hoje-sama said you really showed why you should be consider to become an anbu member. So with that being said". He said as he started walking back to his chair " I will consider you to join the anbu ranks, i will talk to my capatin's and if they are all in agrees then it will be so".

He stated as he sat down in his chair as a knock came to the door. " That is all Senjin you are dismiss". Aki stood there for a few second confused. He didn't know what to say. So He just nodded and turned around to talk out of the room as another shinobi walked in and begain to whisper something in his ear. As both turned and looked at senjin walked out of the office. Aki reported back to his teammates. Of course they wanted to know what happened. But Aki didn't know his self so how could he explain it to them.

Months had passed and Aki had almost forgot about his talk with the hokage. He had just returned home from a mission with his team. As he walked in. There laid in his bed was a letter adress to him from the hokage himself. He walked over to where the letter rested on his bed, he slowly picked it up and read it to himself. " Aki this letter is to inform you that your last mission was your last mission with your team from the academy. You have been assigned to a new team which is asbemled aready and waiting for you in the hokage office. This is a team of chuuin lead by a newly appointed jounin. Please come to the hokage office as soon as you finish reading this letter. Sincerely your Hokage." Aki looked at the letter a little puzzle " So your going to put a group of chuunin with a new appointed jounin, thats kinda odd". Aki shrugged " well i'm sure he know's what hes doing" With that said Aki walked out his house and headed towards the hokage office.

Jounin Arc:It didn't take Aki to long to get to the hokage office. He didn't even have to knock to be let in the office. The door was already open waiting for him to enter it. As he entered it another shinobi closed it behind him. There infront of him stood three other shinobi all agthered around the hokage. "so this is the team". He thought to his self as he looked at the collected three.

He begain to walk towards the group looking at the three men. One he remembered from the chuunin examines, the other he seen around the villages. But the third was new to him " he must be the newly appointed jounin". Didn't want to be left out he walked up the the hokage as he was talking to the other members of the team. He paused for a second his purple eye's lifting from what he was reading and gaze at Aki.

"nice of you to finally join us senjin". " i would allow you guys to introduce yourselves. But you will have way more time to do that, since you guy's have already been assigned to a mission". Aki looked a little puzzled." why are we gettiing place on a mission already". Senjin stated. The hokage smiled a bit" You guys are ther best in your fields when it comes to skills. and the newly appointed jounin i feel as though will best lead this team".

Aki glance at the guy who looked battle tested, with scars from battle pasts. It seem like he came here in a rush. Normally you can tell that he place white bandage wrap around them to hide the scars. But he just has it wrapped loosely on his upper arm with the rest of the wrap flowing down his arm. The hokage looked at senjin and began to chuckle." Well i'm sure you guys know that senjin is the newly appointed jounin". Aki looked puzzle as the rest of them nodded as to say they know.

"Now the mission you guys are going on his a Level S mission. We have reason to believe that a class S ninja is hiding in this small town. We want you guys to find him and bring him back. We want him alive not dead." The chuunin from the exams step up a bit" if is only one class S ninja then why do we have to get him. I understand he is a S class but he is only one ninja, why not send a team of jounin or even the anbu". The hokage glare at the chuunin his purple eye's seeming like daggers as they turned to the chuunin." The reason we won't send a group of jounin is because our jounin are already sperd then around the village due to missions and other things we have them doing.Now this is an level S Uchiha".

The air seem to be sucked out the room as a long pause came about. Everyone knew about the Uchiha skills and strength a level b or a rank uchiha would have the skills of an s rank ninja. But and S rank Uchiha is on another playing field. They all looked at each other before a huge smile came across Aki face" So when do we start". As if showing his leadership a calming sense fill the room as everyone started to smale. " let's get started" They all said in agreement. The hokage looked at Aki and grinned" I knew it was the right choice to make him a jounin".

Becoming miss-Nin Arc:After his rise to become a jounin 3 years back. It didn't take him long to see that being the leaf village would not help him in the dream he has for the world, if anything it would hinder it. He knew if he would have become hokage then it truly would have died there. Something he did not want.

After months of thinking and planning he knew what he had to do, and that was leave the village he had called home for so many years. His mind believe it was wrong due to his loyal feeling for the village, but in his heart he knew it was right.

One dark and stormy right he made it happen, on a recon mission in search of a A rank missing ninja, he deflected from his team and was never heard or seen again. The team had told the hokage that he was killed on the recon mission, but when no body was found the hokage feared the worst. That either another village had found the body or he had become rouge.

Aki didn't like the fact lying about what had happened to him, but in order to forful his dream he knew that this had to be done. Now that he has become a rouge ninja, he had bestowed a new mission for himself, to find other people who believed in his dream and who were willing to help him in making his dream a reality he knew it would be.

Current Arc: It has been four years since Aki had become a rouge ninja. He wondered city and towns looking for ninja to help him in his dream. He has become a lot stronger and wiser since first becoming a rouge ninja. He has also killed countless of men who stood in his way since then as well. Most of the time him bein an uchiha helped.

Aki has come up on the small town in which he wants to become the base of his operation. He ownder if there were any strong ninja here and would there have to be any death's here because they go against his dream...... Aki let a small evil grin come across his face as he headed towards the town.

Dreams/Goals: To be said later on

[ Combat Information ]

Rank: S Missing Ninja
Speicality:Ninjutsu, Genjutus, Taijutus
Element/s: Fire, Lightning, and water

[ Completed Missions ]
Can be added as they complete them.

Combat Strengths:
Combat Weaknesses:

[Inventory Information]
Special Abilities:

[Jutsu Information]
Kage/Sennin (S rank) = 70 Canon Jutsu, Custom Jutsu, Clan Jutsu: Max 10 S-rank

[Non Elemental Jutus]

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PostSubject: Re: Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader???   Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader??? EmptyThu May 05, 2011 9:52 pm

[ Ninjutsu ]
~Katon Jutus~


~Suiton Jutus~



[ Bloodline/Clan Info ]

Bloodline/Clan Description: (If this is a unique personal bloodline ability, write a brief description of the abilities it grants your character.)

Bloodline/Clan Jutsus: Name: Uchiha

Kekkei Genkai:

-Normal Uchiha Clan Member Eye
The normal eye for an Uchiha clan member resembles any normal human eye with iris, pupil and sclera.

-Sharingan partially activated - One Comma
This is the first variation of a partially developed Sharingan eye. The clan members pupil will turn red and develop one of the wheel swirls. When Uchiha Sasuke finally activated his Sharingan, his left eye took this form.

-Sharingan partially activated - Two Comma
This is the second variation of a partially developed Sharingan eye. The clan members pupil will turn red and develop two of the wheel swirls. When Uchiha Sasuke finally activated his Sharingan, his right eye took this form.

-Sharingan fully activated - Three Comma
This is the final normal form of the Sharingan eye. The clan members pupil will turn red and develop three of the wheel swirls in both eyes. In this form the clan member can read Genjutsu, Taijutsu and Ninjutsu, learn how the skill is done and then copy it to be used later. This form can also initiate the Mangekyou "Kaleidoscope" form.

Secret Clan Jutsu:


The Uchiha Clan were one of the founding noble families of Leaf village. The clan itself is said to be descended from the Hyuuga clan who possess the Byakugan bloodline and further back to be the heirs of the Rikudou Sennin's eldest son, who is said to have received his father's "eyes" and with it his powerful chakra and spiritual energy. Because their clan possessed the Sharingan or "Wheel Eye," the Uchiha excelled at being able to read and fend off attackers. This made them prime candidates to help found the Konoha Military Police Corps, which would incorporate the Uchiha fan symbol into their official logo.

Select few members of the Uchiha clan possess the ability to activate the bloodline Sharingan eye. This doujutsu (eye skill) gives one the ability to read Genjutsu, Taijutsu and Ninjutsu and then defeat it. As such, the clan member can view a technique being performed and see the tricks and movements required to be able to complete it. However the clan member can not copy techniques which are unique to another bloodline. It also gives one the ability to cast jutsu techniques only possible by possessing the eye such Amaterasu, Kamui, Susanoo and Tsukuyomi. The clan itself is known for their ties to fire. For a clan ninja to be seen as an adult, they must be able to utilize a Katon (Fire Element) jutsu such as Goukakyuu no Jutsu. Thus is the tie between the manipulation of fire and the mind of an Uchiha member.

The clan was founded by Uchiha Madara and his brother Izuna. In the early days of ninja battles, they battled the Senju Clan and eventually both groups came together to form Konoha. When Madara felt the clan was being marginalized by the Senju, he fought Konoha's Hokage and Senju clan leader Hashirama. Madara was defeated and went into hiding. Years later the clan began to become discontent with the village leadership and Madara returned. Before they could launch their insurrection against Konoha, they were wiped out by one of their own, Uchiha Itachi. Only one member from within the clan was spared, Itachi's brother Sasuke. Itachi and later Sasuke would join Madara in his drive to plunge the world into darkness, for their own ends. With Itachi's death as a man willing to sacrifice everything to secretly support Konoha, the final fate of the clan and its future thus rests in the hands of men swearing vengence against their home village.

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Katsu Hokkaido

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Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader??? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader???   Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader??? EmptyThu May 05, 2011 9:53 pm

Done I think lol
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Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader??? Empty
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welp, one major problem. your 1000 meters punch has to use Tsunade's strength control, which is limited and must be rped for.
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Katsu Hokkaido

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Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader??? Empty
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Edited removed it
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Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader??? Empty
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Then I see nothing wrong, approvedablifiedenied
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Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader??? Empty
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Aki Uchiha Akatsuki Leader???
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