In a new era of ninja have come out from the last age of war. Now with new legends being born it is up to the next generation to defend the peace
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Ezio Hyouzen

Ezio Hyouzen

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PostSubject: Hyouzen Clan   Hyouzen Clan EmptyThu May 05, 2011 5:49 am


Kekkei Genkai: The ability to transform and use the ability of that branch of the clan.

Dragon Branch: Must have fire as there element
Name:Ryū-ha {Dragon wave}
Nature:KKG Ninjutsu
Element:Your affinities
Range:22 ft from user max
Description: The user uses one of there elemental affinities to release a wave at there opponent causing damage by that element. Can be used 2 times per topic.

Name:Ryū no kiba and Doragontaronzu {Dragon fangs and Dragon Talons}
Rank: B
Nature:KKG Taijutsu
Description: The user uses the chakra to turn there hands into claws, there canines into fangs and there feet into to Talons. It is unknown how but this increases the users speed.

Name:Ryū me {Dragon eye}
Range: 20 ft
Description: The eye can heighten the users senses and increase there reaction time and is able to create steam from there eyes for escapes and such.

Rank: C
Range: 17 ft
Description: The user builds up chakra into there chest and release a stream of fire at there tareget {Affinity must be Katon~Fire}

Name:Doragon no tsubasa
Description:The user releases chakra inside there body in order to cause wings to grow out there back. These wings allow to the user to do multiple things such as flying and causing gusts of winds.

Name:Doragonhaiburiddo {Dragon Hybrid}
Description: The user releases a lot of chakra to turn half of there body into that of a dragon will still retaining control of there instincts.

Pheonix Branch: The Main and strongest of the two braanches must be a decendent:

Ezio Hyouzen~ Prince/ clan leader
Also must have lighting and or fire as there elements

Name:Fenikkusu no uta {Pheonix song}
Rank: B
Range: 19ft
Description: The user releases a ear busting screech throughout the area causing pain throughout the victims head.

Name:Fenikkusu-me{Phoenix eyes}
Range:23 ft
Description:The eyes can see and sense a disturbance in the air flow of the immediate area. Also being in the state the user can somewhat see through a genjutsu.

Name:Hōyoku{Phoenix Wings}
Element:Lightning or fire
Range:29 ft
Description: If the user intends to he/she can flap there wings releasing gusts of winds infused with fire or lightning. The users can fly with these.

Name:Fenikkusu no kokoro{Phoenix Heart}
Range:The user
Description:The users body begins releasing chakra afterwards the users body appears to disintegrate although it really isn't its just being replenished as in all the minor wounds and cuts are healed completely any major wounds will turn to minor wounds and the jutsu will have to be reused any fatal wounds cannot be healed.

Name:Fenikkusu no shukufuku{Phoenix Blessing}
Description:The user releases there lightning chakra and shifts it around into the form of a phoenix. The user can use the new aura to boost attacks up by one rank or defend against incoming attacks of lower rank then the user. The Defensive powers reduce the opponents attack by half[if its ninjutsu]. This jutsu can also boost the power of any weapon it is holding as long as it can insulate lightning. The aura can last against 2 jutsu but only if the element is weaker then lightning element. If the element is better then lightning then the aura is instantly dispelled.


Range:Close or long {16 feet max}
Description:The user builds up there chakra and releases energy from there body outwards in all directions. If someone is caught in it they will be pushed back 15 feet from there position and will be struck with the infused lighting. Can be used twice per topic and has a cooldown of 4 posts.
{D-6 ft/ C-10ft/ B-13ft/ A-16ft}

Secret Clan Jutsu:


History: This clan was founded when two people one male the other female both been accepted by animal spirits. As they meet they immediately disliked each other there reasons unknown. The spirits were upset as they began to battle day in and out. The spirits abandoned there hosts. As they left the 2 stopped fighting soon after and made up and began a life together

There son and daughter were born soon after. As the kids became older the spirits bestowed upon them there power. As each other would have kids and the linage would continue the powers would be passed down. As the kids were born and grew they all meet and began living and thriving together ans one. Although the phoenix powers defeated those who had the dragon mark they still accepted there fate and lived on.

Clan Traits: Most members have whitish hair and or bluish eyes. ON rare occasions that a child is born with both traits.

Clan Symbol:Phoenix Hyouzen Clan Images16~Dragon: Hyouzen Clan M10
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Sen Uzumaki
Sen Uzumaki

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PostSubject: Re: Hyouzen Clan   Hyouzen Clan EmptyThu May 05, 2011 5:43 pm

I would like a second opinion on this clan before I decide.

Sen Uzumaki
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Hyouzen Clan
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