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Tenfuin (Heaven Seal)
Rank: "C" (Stage 0), "B" (Stage 1), "S" (Stage 2)
Type: Beneficial
History: Even the history behind the Tenfuin is one that is dark and unknown to many. It starts with one man and his desire to create powerful minions that he could control and manipulate as he pleased.

Stage Zero: Appearance . Three black teardrops at the location of the seal.

Stage One: Appearance. A complicated pattern of darkness surrounds the three tear-drops. These patterns will then spread rapidly over the user's body as the seal remains active, somewhat like This

Stage Two: Stage two is difficult to describe. The spreadings of Stage One have progressed into immense proportions, covering the entire body. At that point, the user's own appearance will begin to shift. Their body will begin to take the shape of their own inner soul.

Note: When a Shinobi receives the Heaven Seal, then they are required to write out a detailed description of what their Stage Two form looks like. This is mandatory and will be a part of the Seal Gaining Process.

Effect: Increases the user's speed, endurance, physical strength, and chakra levels.

Stage Zero (Passive): This Stage, also known as the Passive Stage, is where the Seal is simply laying dormant on the body. At this stage, the Seal is considered "C" Rank. The benefits of Seal at this stage are little, but they do exist. Increases the user's chakra level by a small amount, also bestows a small amount of endurance.

Stage One: Moving from Stage Zero to Stage One the first time is a very painful process. However, once Stage One has been accomplished, transitioning between the Stages causes little to no pain. At this point, the user's physical strength and endurance are dramatically increased, as well as bestowing a large amount of chakra to the user. Finally, the user's speed is increased a small amount. The user's Strength and Endurance increases as their speed increases by .10 (10%) times movements of the user.

Stage Two: Moving from Stage One to Stage Two for the first time is an even more difficult process than from Stage Zero to Stage One. In order for this to occur, the user must "Die". The person who placed the Seal upon the User is the only person capable of calling for the Seal to begin its progression from Stage One to Stage Two, which means that the user must again hunt down those that placed the seal upon them and ask him to transform them. Once the passing is complete, the user is capable of moving from Stage One to Stage Two at will. Stage Two grants a gargantuan amount of physical strength and endurance. Speed is increased by a factor of up to .66 (66%) times the user's movements, and the user's chakra levels increases ten times as normal.

Description: A powerful Seal that has a very low success rate of survival. The seal comes in three stages, Passive, Stage One, and Stage Two. As the Seal progresses, the user is forced to accept a large amount of pain and both their physical and mental endurances are pushed beyond their limits. Because of this, those that survive the Seal's progression are commonly far more capable of fighting than others.
Placement Requirements:Admin Approval

:::Seal Jutsus:::

Tenfuin no Jutsu (Heaven Sealing Technique)
Rank: "S" Rank
Skill: FuinJutsu
Effect: Allows the user the ability to place the Heaven Seal.
Special: Drawing the seal upon the recipient, and then puncturing the skin using a body part (Teeth, nail, etc). This allows the user's chakra to mesh with seal, and finally giving it its' power.

Drawback: Nothing;; This is simply the ability to place the Heaven Seal.

Description: This FuinJutsu is the ability to place the Heaven Seal. After placing the Heaven Seal, the user will gain the ability to slightly control their protogees, by using the ability to force the First or Second Stages of the Seal upon those who may or may not be ready for it. They also possess the ability to instantly stop the transitioning between First and Second Stage, ensuring that the Heaven Seal is never used against them. but also allowing them to give and end substantial amounts of pain to ensure that their subordinates listen to them.

Tenfuin: Stage Zero
Rank: "C" Rank
Skill: FuinJutsu
Effect: The passive form of the Tenfuin.
Special: Having the Tenfuin being placed upon the user.

Drawback: N/A

Description: While in the Passive Stage is in effect, there are no drawbacks to the user. However, the user gains a small amount of chakra to their overall levels, as well as giving the tiniest boost of endurance.

Limit: Must be placed on the user by somebody who knows how to place the Seal.

Tenfuin: Stage One
Rank: "B" Rank
Skill: FuinJutsu
Effect: Increases physical speed, power, and endurance. Increases the user's chakra level.
Special: Channeling a small amount of chakra into the seal.

Drawback: Drains chakra at a rate of 3% per turn, meaning that this ability, on top of using chakra to fight, can quickly tire the user out.

Description: Stage One increases the user's physical strength, speed, and endurance by a large amount. They become much more capable of fighting hand to hand, as their body responds more quickly than most forms of training can produce. Their strikes become strengthened twofold, their muscles suddenly capable of performing at higher rates than normal. Beyond that, they are capable of fighting for much more extended periods, as their body seems to thrive off of the battle. Even beyond all of the physical attributes gained by the Seal, the user's chakra level will increase a substantial amount, allowing them the ability to perform jutsu as if they were one Difficulty Class above their current level (please note, this does not mean that they can use this ability to learn jutsu faster or to learn jutsu that their rank does not allow them to learn, but rather allows them the ability to perform more jutsu for less of a cost). When the Tenfuin Stage One is gained, it takes third IC turns to spread the seal all the way across the body. After the First round they will reach times .03 (3%) times their movements. After the Second Round they will reach times .06 (6%) times thier movements. After the Third Round theu reach the full .10 (10%) times their movements.

Limit: Gaining Stage One is a long process in which is forced upon the user immediately after receiving Stage Zero. This process is highly dangerous, and during this process, many hundreds of potential recipients and experiments have perished. Pain beyond imagine is forced through the user's body, stretching out their physical and mental limits. The power of the Seal somehow prohibits people from going unconscious as this pain soars through their body, thus they either remain awake or they perish. As Stage Zero of the Seal is placed upon the user, the seal rapidly drains the user of their chakra, pushing them into levels of below 5% of all of their chakra. This chakra is pumped throughout the body, forcing it to be ready to perform the remarkable feats that the seal allows the body to do. This process lasts for Twenty Full Length RP posts, in which the user must describe the chakra changing each part of their body to become more proficient.

Tenfuin: Stage Two
Rank: "A" Rank
Skill: FuinJutsu
Effect: Substantially increases the user's fighting capability.
Special: Forcing the Stage One Tenfuin to spread all the way across the body.

Drawback: Drains chakra from the user at a rate of 5% per turn. If used for more than fifteen IC turns, then the user's fighting capability becomes reduced by 50%.

Description: As the Stage Two becomes prominent, the spreadings of the Stage One seal have moved all the way across the body, giving it a dark hue. These spreadings have also caused the body to transform, giving it a completely different shape. Although remaining humanoid in appearance, those who survive to reach Stage Two often take on either an animalistic or demonic-seeming appearance. Once in Stage Two, the user's fighting capabilities are increased by a substantial amount, allowing them to lift objects heavier than they would have previously thought possible (physical strength x3). Their speed and endurance both increase by a large amount as well, allowing them to move at speeds of .66 (66%) times their movements. Finally, their chakra using capabilities increase to a level such as they appear to be one point five times Difficulty Class levels higher. Beyond all of this, the user often picks up abilities that they may gain from their own different transformations (ex: Levitation with grown wings). When the Tenfuin Stage Two is gained, it takes three IC turns to transform the whole body. After the First round they will reach times .22 (22%) times their movements. After the Second Round they will reach times .44 (44%) times thier movements. After the Third Round theu reach the full .66 (66%) times their movements. This does not stack up to your first stage.

Limit: Part of the Requirement of gaining the Second Stage of the Tenfuin is writing out your appearance at Stage Two and submitting it for customs. Included in this description are any special abilities that your Transformed Stage Two form may be able to perform. These abilities will, of course, be required to be learned additionally. In order to gain Stage Two, the user must hunt down the person who gave them the Tenfuin to begin with and ask them to progress it to Stage Two. If the Giver of the seal agrees, then they will give the user a drug known as Seishingan. This process is similar to that of the Stage Zero to Stage One transformation, causing the body to activate the Stage One seal and then drain all of that chakra, transforming the user’s body to the point that they are capable of handling the Tenfuin Stage Two. This process lasts like the transition between Stage 0 and Stage One.
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