In a new era of ninja have come out from the last age of war. Now with new legends being born it is up to the next generation to defend the peace
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Sen Uzumaki
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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules EmptyFri Jan 14, 2011 12:15 am

1. Listen to the admins of the site. They are admins because they know what they are doing. If you think that your being led astray by one of the admin's can contact me and I can resolve the problem.

2. No canon characters are allowed. Yes some of the canon characters are mentioned, but all of them are long dead. That means your character will never have any interaction with them at any point in your character's life.

3. Be creative with your back story. Especially if your character is going to start at a high rank. That means your character has lived a few decades and probably had a decent number of missions and experiences in their life. You don't have to finish it in one day because the better the character the better the plot.

4. No one is overpowered. Your character not some master ninja that can take on an entire village. Everyone has limits. This applies to even kages. You can't expect every move to hit, but don't assume your character can dodge every attack thrown at your character.

5. Death does not usually happen unless both parties agree on the terms. That or the topic specifies a fight to the death. There are some scenarios where death is unavoidable. When this happens you are allowed to create a new character. For the most part your character is allowed to crawl away if he did not use up all of his chakra.

6. Only through plot points can a war be declared. If a war does happen those involved better use a time where their schedules will not hold things up. Nothing against you having a life because we all have one, but don't make a big wave in the plot and vanish for months or more. Kages should make time on the weekend at least and inform us in advance. If they are gone long they are allowed to have an admin control their character or a proxy to give orders to their village.

7. Don't cyber in the forums. You can take that too pms if you have to, but in the topics you have to time skip. When it comes to aging every two months is a new year. Keeping a real time: rp time ratio will help make sure their are no inconsistencies in the ages of everyone's characters.

8. Time skips have to be agreed on in a vote before they are implemented. Don't expect them to happen often. No time travel. Your character can not be from the past or future. Keep the weapons in the correct era please. We will discuss what weapons that were seen in the show that can't be used.

9. Your character can be in only two topic at a time. That means if you have two characters then you may have up too four topics at one time.

10. If the topic is private for specific people mark it as that and place the person that you are wanting to post in said topic. This also applies to a topic where you want no fighting to happen in it.

11. Keep drama to a minimum please. if your having some life problems and you need to talk to someone you can do so in pms with someone you know, but don't drag everyone into your problems. If you don't get along with another member you need to avoid talking with that person and keep any interaction in rp to a minimum.

12. Keep all of your characters on one account. If you have siblings that will be members make sure you tell an admin or two before said sibling makes an account. This only applies if you will have the same ip address.

13. Certain techniques are only available to specific clans. Do not try and start out with any limited or forbidden techniques. Those will be gained through specific missions only. Once a certain amount of characters know the move it will be locked and only become unlocked when one of those characters die.

14.You can not have your character kill himself just so you can make a new character. There better be a plot reason behind this because there is no returning from the afterlife in this roleplay. There has to be three or more topics that would give reason for your character to end it all posted in the topic.
More rules will be added as they are needed.

Sen Uzumaki
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