In a new era of ninja have come out from the last age of war. Now with new legends being born it is up to the next generation to defend the peace
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Kaien Shiba

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PostSubject: Hokage(Done)   Thu May 05, 2011 4:12 am

[ Character Information ]

Name:Kaien Shiba
Title:Copy Cat Ninja
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Birthday: [Feb] [14]
Bloodtype: A
Height: 6’0’’ Feet, Weight: 179 Stones.


Personality: He is cheerful and shows greater concern for his team-mates and friends, placing their safety over the successful completion of a mission, as well as believing that teamwork is essential to overall success as a team. He is also regularly late for appointments, making obvious excuses. This is because of his frequent visits to the memorial where his friends's name is engraved, where he loses track of time. However, Kaien is carefree and emotionless, often speaking bluntly about sensitive topics.

Kaien claims to have lost everyone who was close to him, causing some reluctance to allow others to get close to him. Kaien has a rather solitary and matter-of-fact attitude. His calm and detached demeanour has been called “cool, hip, and trendy” many times by the few close friends he have. He also is the type who will kill when ever he gets in the mood to do so. He dosent consider his younger brother as someone close.

Favorite Food:Ramen
Favorite Phrase:N/A

History: Kaien was born into a middle class family of leaf ninja. Kaien was the youngest out of all the three by a couple of minutes. He had a twin brother and sister. His parents was both jounin of leaf. He was born on a very rainy day. As he grew up he excelled in ninjutsu over anything elese. As Kaien grew up and become a better ninja he made his brother jelouse. At the age of 9 he was sent into the Academy with his brother. With Kaien being such a better ninja than him already it made his brother jelouse. Kaien always offerd to help his brother with his training but he just refused and got mad and left. After one year Kaien graduated from the academy at top of his class. While it took Kaien brother two years to graduate. There sister graduated right along side Kaien in which made their brother even more mad.

At the age of 10 he was a genin, at the time of his graduation he was given two all black sword that his father had been given to show he was an elite ninja, with Kaien having this his brother anger reached its breaking point and he came charging at Kaien, their sister was going to try and break it up because they were dead seriouse, but their father stoped her and told her"Daughter, remember this. There are two types of fights. Whenever we are in battle, we must be one of the two. The fight for life or … the fight for pride! Right now … He is fighting for his pride! His ninja’s pride … his men’s pride … Most importantly … his own personal pride. Dismiss this as his stubbornness … and let him fight alone like this", their father was right with Kaien doing all this and his younger brother was doing a whole lot better it hurt his pride alot. After about 15minutes of fighting Kaien was the victor, he also put his brother in the hostpital. Kaien felt bad for doing this but there was no other way to stop him. Kaien went on many missions as a D-Rank ninja and was later made a chunin.

As Kaien started to raise up in the ranks he started to get more and more reconized among the villager's in the village. Kaien was only a Chunin and he knew so many people and he had their respect as a ninja. Kaien went on one mission that had almost costed him his life and his pride as a ninja. It was a rainy day and a four chunin ninja was sent out on an A rank mission to go resuce a girl from a different land. The mission was going well untill Kaien bestfriend within the group was killed by a very strong ninja that had taken something to increase his power. Kaien vowed revenged the other two accompanied him in his search. They found the man in his lair, and Kaien asked for permission to fight it alone.

His friend in charge so he g granted him permission, and the femal was watched in horror as the Man’s abilities became apparent. Kaiens frined allowed him to do so because he also belived in what Kaiens father thought. It obviously pained Kaien friend to not help his buddy, but when femal asked why they couldn't help Kaien, he told her that it would kill his pride. She yells at her the man in charge, saying that pride isn’t important compared to life. He answers her calmly: "Remember this. There are two types of fights. Whenever we are in battle, we must be one of the two. The fight for life or … the fight for pride! Right now … He is fighting for his pride! His friends’s pride … his men’s pride … Most importantly … his own personal pride. Dismiss this as his stubbornness and let him fight alone like this" After seven minutes of tough fighting and almost losing his life Kaien won and went back to the village. He passed out and when he had awaoken he was promoted to jounin

After a while he became Hokage

Dreams/Goals:To leave the village.

[ Combat Information ]

Element/s:Lightning, Water, Wind

[ Completed Missions ]
Can be added as they complete them.

Combat Strengths:Emmense Speed
Combat Weaknesses:Weaker then average

Additional combat information we should be aware of 3 tonmo sharingan

[Inventory Information]

Name:Katen Kyokotsu
Special Abilities:Kaien rotates with both blades facing in opposite directions creating large wind blades that fire toward an opponent from Katen Kyōkotsu. The wind blades join together forming a spinning circle of wind that upon contact with a target envelops the target with tornado-like intensity. The attack is not only dangerous but can disorient an opponent trapped within it. The winds are like blades the cut the opponet and they last about a post and they do A rank damage in total.

[Jutsu Information]
The starting jutsu for each rank:
Genin (C-Rank) = 15 Canon Jutsu, Custom Jutsu, Clan Jutsu: Max 7 C-rank, 1 B rank
Chunin (B-rank) = 25 Canon Jutsu, Custom Jutsu and Clan jutsu: Max 10 B-rank and 5 A rank
Jonin (A-rank) = 45 Canon Jutsu., Custom Jutsu, Clan Jutsu: Max 18 A rank and 2 S-rank
Anbu (A-rank) = 55 Canon Jutsu, Custom Jutsu, Clan Justu: Max 25 A rank and 4 S-rank
Kage/Sennin (S rank) = 70 Canon Jutsu, Custom Jutsu, Clan Jutsu: Max 10 S-rank
Jutsu Name:
Element: Element that the jutsu requires.
Rank: The rank of the jutsu.
Type: Hidden Ninjutsu/Taijutsu/Genjutsu,Kekkei Genkai,Medical,Ninjutsu/Taijutsu/Genjutsu.
Description: Description of what it does and how it affects the user.

[ Ninjutsu ]


[ Genjutsu ]


[ Taijutsu ]


[ Personal Jutsu ]

[ Bloodline/Clan Info ]

Bloodline/Clan Description:Sharingan
Bloodline/Clan Jutsus:N/A

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Kigi Hozuki

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PostSubject: Re: Hokage(Done)   Thu May 05, 2011 4:17 am

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Soviet Jesus

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PostSubject: Re: Hokage(Done)   Thu May 05, 2011 4:19 am

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PostSubject: Re: Hokage(Done)   

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